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Significance of Search Engine Optimization in E-Commerce

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Prominence and Significance of Search Engine Optimization in E-Commerce

A Search Engine is a structure of software that examines. And pursuit for information in the database and is designed so to convey out the Internet. And web searches in a logical way for a piece of specific information and data.

“A search engine is a website or a software retrieved on the internet. That demonstrates a database of information following the user methodology.”

E-Commerce is the transaction and business accompanied over and done with the internet. And companies doing business online are engaging in the E-Commerce industry. This industry is not just quantified to bargain hunting. But it comprehends the fields of Online Sales, Internet Banking, and Payment Access. With digitization, E-Commerce has become a force for smart business approaches. In this era of digital well-being where every individual is concomitant with the internet. And existing in modern society confronts as many statistics and articles in a minute as people see in ages in previous generations. Here Search engines work as filters in the provision of precise. And anticipated information in the wealth of information.

On a broad scale, I see search engine optimization becoming a normalized marketing tactic. The same way TV, Radio, and Print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics Duane forester, senior product manager, Bing.

Era of COVID-19

The world has enhanced into the bewildering era of COVID-19 where the entire world is limited to the home environment. In approach to that smart business, companies are switching from offline sales to E-Commerce with amazing. And excellent tools for selling products. Search Engines are the most implemented and renowned tactics to be followed and implemented. The extensions of search engines are Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And Search Engine Marketing which is superlative for brand and product marketing.

Search Engine Optimization in E-Commerce is the practice and demonstration of accelerating the magnitude and worth of information in a website. There are numerous means and information over the internet and its applications. Which becomes perplexed for the user to achieve exact information and desired product. The E-Commerce industry is all about selling goods and services online so the installation of appropriate. Search engine quality will flourish and will stimulate the marketing of a brand or a product.

Examination over web

Basically, by the insertion of a specified proposed search engine, the information affiliating a brand is highlighted amongst a lot of pieces of information. Search engines have sycophants that accumulate the data and information from the elaboration and examination over the web. The particular search engine which is mounted collects all the information and creates an Index. So whenever any user enters a keyword or phrase, the indexed data is nurtured through an algorithm that puts forward the most appropriate information to the user which puts the brand at FrontPage, and its marketing is supplemented.

E-Commerce Industry has prioritized its approach of being at the apex of search engines. Search Engine Optimization is imperative. And the fundamental necessity of E-Commerce Websites. It accelerates the product ranking to higher than the competitors. And displays the accurate and authentic way so the customers can find accurate product particulars. Moreover, such strategies OPTIMIZE continuing, permitted source of high-converting Organic Traffic (visitors that come to website as a result of unpaid search results) to the website. SEO efforts with the marketing activities regulation of the website. It stimulates the well-being and effectiveness of marketing activities and also develops organic search perceptibility.

Pakistan is approved by amazon seller list

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Amazon Incorporation is a technology company and its areas of expertise are E-Commerce. Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming. And Artificial Intelligence. Pakistan is approved by the amazon seller list For the E-Commerce industry. And digital workforces, it is a principal breakthrough that Amazon ratified Pakistan to its Seller List.

Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Political Affairs Shahbaz Gill said, “Amazon has added Pakistan to its approved list.”

This is the prevalent milestone Pakistan has accomplished in an epoch. And acknowledgment serves to the existing Government of Pakistan for the development. As well as Pakistan at the present has crossed the threshold into an awe-inspiring era of global marketing. And joined the global E-Commerce industry which will consequence in unprecedented revenue in the industry of commerce. In form of investment and employment opportunities.

Razak Dawood tweeted;

It is a great opportunity for our youth, small and medium-sized enterprises, and women entrepreneurs.”

Certainly, this milestone and titanic triumph will significantly modify the game and consequence in a new era of economic growth as more sellers and investors will visit Pakistan and this will play a vital role in the embellishment of the E-Commerce industry of Pakistan.

After the prevalent publication, Former Senior Executive of Amazon. Omar Gajial deliberated with the contributors in a consultation. on how this milestone will be an innovative mark in Pakistan’s history. And what sort of opportunities and openings will be available to Pakistan business. and E-Commerce Industry. Moreover, what perspective and standpoint must be showcased to sell products on Amazon. And how they can get up-and-go maximum benefit and trade from this miraculous opportunity?

Pakistan is approved by amazon seller list has finally accomplished it. To the World multinational E-Commerce Industry. Amazon and confirmation will be made after official work. And Pakistan account details. This will be highly attributive because the trends of E-Commerce are accelerating. Due to COVID-19 business enterprises specifically, those which are engaged. E-Commerce has transference its auctions from offline to online. which has unfolded the significance of E-Commerce.

Human Resources and Technology In 2021

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Human Resources and Technology In 2021

The Human Resources department is an assemblage of people. Who put together the personnel of the association. Working space, industry, or economy. It is a subdivision that is accountable for the supervision of employee hiring. Guidance, recruiting, and dismissal. And functioning for the paperwork of employee reimbursement and benefits.


Technology is the skillfulness, methodology. And progression to accomplish goals. Technology in a working space is used to generate commodities or services. It is the application of systematic. And technical accountancy to the practical Artificial Intelligence of human aspects.

The New Year begins after a whole troublesome era of Covid-19. Which still is entrenched and worsening the working space. HR leaders are keen on enhancing the technology systems. To advance the productivity of remote personnel. Advancement of workforce management. And learning platform to congregate altering needs. We all have entered into the period of digital wellbeing. Moreover, the whole lot is allied by hook or by a crook with digital tools. Such as apps or videos to assist the employee to administer their aspects.

HR expertise

In the preceding few years HR expertise has been considerably stirred the setting of how people managed occupation.

The primary is that millennials are the prevalent cohort in the workforce. This is the age band that has full-fledged. With absolute admittance to the internet and mobile devices.

The succeeding explanation is the encroachment in the technology itself. As well as Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning. And robotic process automation has caused an actual commotion in HR practice. When the world enters the new decade or year or era alongside. It also enters an innovative period of digital renovation. The same goes for the HR department and associated technology. As Statistics show that by the end of the year, 70% of diminutive. As well as intermediate-sized enterprises will make the most of Human Resources and Technology.

HR And Era of Covid

The summit human resource trends that are upcoming of the HR department. And exceedingly impactful on the existing function of HR teams are;


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud-Based HR
  • Continuous Learning And Enlargement
  • Performance and Wellness.
  • Gig Economy
  • Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the examination and expansion of computer arrangements competent to execute tasks. And projects that on average necessitate human intelligence such as decision assembly. As well as translation between languages. It is becoming a connected characteristic of most emerging HR technologies and techniques.


The use of an algorithm to comprehend. And computerized the data will free up supplementary time for HR representatives and teams. This time can be utilized in focusing on deliberate and decidedly impactful tasks. The use of AI in areas approximating employee commitment. And presentation will bring up to date and stimulate the progression. As well as the software will be capable of focusing on civilizing the life of an employee. AI for aptitude administration helps people appreciate additional people outline to a first-rate measure Human Resources and Technology.

Cloud-Based HR

In the period of Covid-19 remote functioning has to turn out to be a new development and normal. Progressively more companies are fore fronting remote running. Cloud-based HR is vital and prolific too and it has a lot of benefits like it allows HR to admission employee statistics in authentic time. And formulate a verdict consequently. Cloud-based self-examination tools also give employees much-improved hold to access their data.

Consistency in Learning And Development

Advancements and improvements in AI will revolutionize temperament. Of employment according to the analysis. Trustworthiness and commitment can be earned if employees are prepared recognizable with this alteration. In an era where computerization has replaced repeating tasks. The necessity of software that invests in soft skills trends of Artificial Intelligence like communication. As well as Employee management has become tremendously significant.

Performance and Wellness

Employee presentation and wellbeing are tremendously central. As well as complemented by the association of HR. HR technology is required to shift its recommendation to develop a sequence of responses. Similarly, review which is the assurance of much-enhanced monitoring. And performances of the employee. As well as Organizations are progressively more adapting feedback interventions.


With the digitalization introduction of the gig economy is extremely fruitful. In the working forum which is a market characterized by short term agreements or freelance work as opposed to lasting jobs



Algorithms and Data Structure Importance

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Algorithms and Data Structure INTRODUCTION

Algorithms and Data Structure Importance. In different fields and ways of life, proper research and appropriate analysis are extremely crucial for the problems. And perplexities. In the field of Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science. And Programming where there is a long run of complex programs. As well as problems and a perplexing linguistic of data, appropriate structure. And ways play a vital role. For detailed analysis and pattern of research in different fields. Algorithm And Data, Structure is extremely important.


An Algorithm Is A Procedure And Pattern Or A Formula For Solving A Problem, Based On Conducting A Sequence Of Specified Action And A Finite Sequence Of Well-Defined Computer-Implementable Instructions, Typically To Solve A Problem Or Perform A Computation


A search engine is a software system that is designed to carry out web searches. which means to search in a systematic way for particular information. Search engines use appropriate algorithms to display. And process the most relevant result from the search index. and for the resolution of the query. In research engine platforms search algorithms used. And their usage is extremely important for the ease and relevance of search engines. It is the step-by-step procedure. used to locate specific data among the tons of sites providing the data. It is extremely important to use a search algorithm and is considered a fundamental procedure in computing. Algorithm updates are extremely relevant in search engines. Because this platform’s main point is to provide authenticity. And genuine information to the user so their constant update is crucial.

In computers, programming algorithms are mainly created as functions. These functions play as small programs that can be referred to by a larger program.

  • For example, there is the process of image display so here processing algorithm specifically includes cropping, resizing, sharpening. And color enhancement of the image. Here in this case algorithm is specified for these steps affiliate with image display. The otherwise image processing would have been inappropriate. This is the importance of algorithms for research purposes.

Use Of Algorithm

Usage of Algorithm is extremely important and appealing in computer science and programming because it compliments software developers to create an efficient, genuine, and error-free program. An algorithm is used in every aspect of computer science they play the role of programming backbone because it is worth creating an error and bug-free program. In the field of computer programming and engineering, an algorithm gives the computer a specific amalgamation of instructions which allows the computer system to do everything even a minute task. Simply, the algorithm is steps followed for the completion of a task.

In an extremely perplexing field of software development, algorithms used to solve dynamic problems easily solve the problems with proper authenticity of data. So we can say an important part of the programming fundamentals of algorithms. In this digital era, the software development complexity is increasing day by day. After weeks and months some new programs, designs, and applications are launched, versions are updated, new software is introduced with new generations of cords, and design for all this procedure proper algorithm with every introduction is extremely important.

Algorithms are coded into the computer using a specific programming language.

Algorithms and Data Structure Importance. Programming languages need to be provided with a notational way to represent and process the data. In the long run, the algorithm is essential in programming.

 Programs and algorithms are tools and techniques used for problem-solving being the most important aspects of computing.

In programming, there are different ways to confront the problems some methods are well suited but generally efficiency of the method matters. Another way that compliments programming is speed. So algorithms are also used to enhance the speed at which a program executes a problem. A single algorithm has the potential and capability of reducing the time that a program takes to solve a problem. So it has become extremely important to used algorithms in programming as well.


“Data Structure Is A Group Of Data Elements Which Provides An Effective And Efficient Way Of Storing And Organizing Data In The Computer For Authenticity And Appropriateness”



The data structure is an essential aspect when it comes to research work and enables the accurate representation of information in an application. Data structures are a key part of multiple computer algorithms as they enhance and allow programmers and engineers to do appropriate data management beneficially.

Data Structures are highly used in almost every field. And aspect of computer science for a minute to perplex computation. such as Artificial intelligence, operating systems, etc. With increasing complexities and issues in computer algorithms. The amount of data usage is also increasing which affects the performance of the application or program.

Digital Revolution

To overcome such a situation if confronted or to avoid such situation data structures are needed. And extremely important. In the digital revolution and evolution, there are some areas of concern. While making different researches it is extremely important to handle data types. Sometimes with very large data, high processing speed is required to get desired results with efficiency and quickness. In data research biggest area of concern is to handle multiple requests and approaches.

To work on the concerned areas, appropriate and authentic data structures are used. Data is organized to form a data structure in the best way. That all the all items that are not relevant do not search or paid action to. And required information is properly responded to. With efficient use of data structure memory status and usage can be optimized.


  • Programming and computer engineering are all about data structures and algorithms.
  • The data structure is used to hold and organize data. While algorithms are used to solve the perplexities using the data.
  • Data structures and algorithms are the most pivotal topics for programmers.
  • Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of data structure along with algorithms is the basis of coding.
  • It reduces coding cost and enhances data accuracy and authenticity which is a compliment for the organization.
  • Excellence in data structuring with proper algorithms improves problem-solving capabilities. And generates a bug and error-free result.









Elon Musk’s released an incredible video

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Elon Musk’s released an incredible video of a monkey playing video games with its Brain.

He is a very well-known personality in the information technology sector. A very intellectual engineer, designer, and business magnet personality. At the age of 17, he went into the US as a transfer student. After the struggle of many years. He became a very intellectual engineer in the field of science and technology. Elon Musk owns a 21% share in Tesla that is working to revolutionize transportation on earth. In 2018, he stepped down as a chairman in Tesla. When he prompted a false statement about privatization tesla. He was criticized at that time, but now the company is worth $74 billion after funding in 2021.


Musk formed a company named Neuralink. With his team, he developed artificial intelligence motorized microchips. These chips fit into the brains of people and read their behavior. Recently Musk released a video of the Monkey who is playing video games. As well as He talked about testing his innovative microchips on archbishops. Elon Musk said this is the first time his company broadcast testing on animals. During the presentation in 2019. He said his company enabled a monkey to control Computer through his brain. This is a huge achievement and proud moment for Neuralink’s according to musk.


In 2020 the company displayed the latest technology through a monster named Gertrude.
In the video, the monkey was given a joystick, and he was playing a video game. As In a video game, he was moving the cursor between colored squares. He was successfully and easily able to play the game. It was seemed to be very interested in him. That monkey named Pager when play games the microchip reads his brain by the movement of the cursor. After some while Musk removed the joystick but still monkey was playing the game in the same pattern. This was done through the microchip, that was generating singles in his brain. This helped him to play the game continuously without any disruption.


The same technology could be used to give people control over their limbs. Musk reported that Neuralink products will allow paralyzed people to use smartphones. Professor Andrew reported that this is not a new thing. The same thing has done before in 2002. But this technological test is a new achievement. He said that Musk is following a very reasonable and valid way to validate their device. And Elon Musk also reported that if this technology continues to grow it. As well as it will open up new doors of technological achievements.

What makes Neuralink product innovative?

The innovation is there is no bunch of cables associated with the body. The signals generated by the brain is all sent wirelessly. This was reported by Jackson. Moreover, it is safer and causes no harm to the human body or brain cells. This is not new but a positive step forward in technology. Another researcher put forward his point of view regarding the presentation. Rylie green being a bioengineer at an imperial college London reported. That he was impressed by the way Pager was freely moving. He highly acknowledged Musk’s efforts in the field of technology.

Data visualization

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Data visualization is a graphical demonstration of data and information. It depicts different trends that occur in data. It has different tools to see trends, an outlier in data. As well as different patterns of data. In the world, with the advancements in technology. Also Data visualization is necessary to analyze a large amount of data. It also enables the firm to make decisions based on generated results from a data-driven approach.

Pros and Cons of data visualization:

Colors and patterns are always eye-catching. We can easily differentiate between different colors and shapes. For instance, we can easily differentiate yellow and blue, triangle and square shape.
Human eyes are always attracted to colors. In the global world due to advancements in technology the culture is continually evolving. 10 years back consumers were more inclined towards black and white newspapers. But now culture has been changed. As well as Consumers prefer everything from art to ad’s to be visual.

Recently Data visualization is the way to keep the reader’s eyes on the particular message. It is used to grasp the attention of the consumer. Consumers have less time to spend reading. They do not prefer to read the whole written doc. Because it’s taking too much of their valuable time. Instead, whenever they see a chart they can easily identify data trends from the shapes of data. This is more convenient.

Data visualization is a form of visual art. It aims at grabbing the attention of a huge audience. And keeping the eyes of people on a specific message. As well as One can easily recognize changing trends in data and can forecasts decisions.

The age of Big data is here

As it is the age of big data, visualization is becoming a necessary tool to make sense of billions. And trillions of data that are being generated every day. Data visualization helps to tell stories by curating data into a form easier to understand. As well as highlighting the trends and outliers. Visualization tells a good and clear story by removing noise from data. A good visualization tells a story, removing the noise. And give limelight to useful information.

Though it is not an easy task to make graphs of data or to just keep the viewers. As well as attention to the informative part of an infographic. Visualization is a process of maintaining the balance between function and form. You need to manage that the graph would not be too boring. And it should depict a clear image of data. The data and visuals should be combined in a way of storytelling.

Importance of data visualization for a career:

If you would ask five executives about the importance of visualization. You will hardly get one person who thinks data visualization is not worthy. Every department in any sector needs understandable data for working. And making decisions. We all know the emerging concept of the citizen data scientist is getting a lot of attention. Companies are moving towards changing their skills set to adopt a data-driven approach. They think that it will surely help them to make better decisions. So the modern professional world knows the real value of data visualization.

Coronavirus vaccine budget approved by Cabinet

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Asad Umar (chief of the national commands and operations center) on Sunday reported that the budget for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines had been approved by the cabinet is $150 million. This budget is expected to increase shortly. Amir Ashraf Khawaja, secretary of the National Health Service, reported that the government was not thinking about the purchase of covid-vaccines this year. While talking to geo news on the platform of “Naya Pakistan”. The Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives dismissed the belief that Pakistan had not planned to purchase vaccines.

Asad Umar talked about their vaccination plan for the public. He said that in line with other countries. Pakistan does not plan to vaccinate youngsters under the age of 18 years. Because they have a strong immune system. They are capable of fighting against Covid in comparison to old people. He told that the government had made aggressive policies to get people vaccinated. He also mentioned that the third tendency of the covid is real. And is more lethal as compared to previous ones. Moreover, its mortality rate is so high. The third wave of covid is spreading more quickly. For the very first time on Sunday, in the Punjab province, 1600 covid cases have been reported since June 2020.  He also told geo news that above the age of 350,000 people had been vaccinated. Moreover, in the coming 10 days registration for vaccination would be open.

Stereotypes about vaccine

The anchor of Naya Pakistan told Asad Umar that there are certain stereotypes about vaccines. People are worried about the side effects of the vaccine. He asked Asad Umar to tell people whether there are some harmful effects of vaccination or not?  In response to the following question, Asad Umar said that there are no such side effects of the vaccine. He said that till now there was not even a single case had been conveyed in this perspective.

He also requested the public that those who are at the age of 60 or above should register their names for vaccination. Because there is a greater probability they will be infected by covid. With the increase in age, the immune system of people gets weaker. Asad Umar also reported that the government has signed a contract with two companies for a vaccine of 30 million. In the same way, the budget that has been allotted for the purchase of vaccines will be increased if required. On the safe side, Asad Umar also said that the process of procurement may be stopped due to monetary considerations.

10 Million People

Pakistan has over 10 million older people. Pakistan is one of those top 15 countries with over 14 million old age people near 60. Only 10% of people have registered themselves for vaccination. The rate of positive cases of covid has been climbing to 6.6%. It means 2644 covid positive cases in a single day. So Asad Umar requested people to get vaccinated at least those who are above 60 years.

Asad Umar also talked about “Aurat March” in opposition. He said that in March they have completely ignored SOP’s which is not good. It’s like the killing of innocent people for no reason.

5 Mobile app development trends that will rule 2021

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We have had some expectations from 2021 regarding new. And upcoming trends in Mobile app development. Despite many industries bearing the brunt of the pandemic. The IT companies flourished and significant advancement was witnessed. This year we expect more companies to grow .And reach significant levels of advancement.

Mobile apps play an important role right now. As well as They are crucial to the success of all kinds of businesses no matter the industry. As a business owner, it is important to know what trends in customer service. And IT are required to stay ahead in the game and also to provide customers with utility.

Here are some mobile app development trends that will be big in 2021.

The 5G era

It is high time that we move into the 5G era. 5G internet stands out from its predecessors. Because of how incredibly fast it is. And Wondering just how fast 5G internet is?

Let’s consider that the transfer speed of 4G is 100Mbps whereas the transfer speed of 5G is observed to be 1Gbps. This is approximately 300 times faster. By introducing 5G into the mix the AR capabilities will be empowered greatly. Data security, loT devices. And wireless health technologies will work much better. 5G can bring about a great wave of technological advancement.

Wearable devices and apps

The popularity of wearable devices such as fitness bracelets, healthcare monitors, and smartwatches. As well as more people start buying wearable’s, the demand for supported applications for wearable devices will also grow. To stay relevant and cater to the needs of customers across all platforms, channels, and devices, businesses will have to reevaluate their strategy in considering different devices.

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology has yet to reach its full potential in the technological market. Many devices can release radio signals such as Bluetooth to connect to other devices. These are great from a business point of view as it allows users to easily transfer information between users, customers, and businesses.

Foldable displays

This is a trend we did not see coming but it has taken the industry by storm. Foldable smartphones such as the Huawei Mate X. And Samsung’s Galaxy Fold were well-received. Mobile app trends in 2021 will be affected greatly by application development. And The app’s development will be heavily influenced. By the demand for such kinds of devices. Mobile applications will have to be developed. And optimized keeping in mind the screen size. And as well as functionality of these foldable devices.

Artificial Intelligence

This has been a long time coming in the world of IT. And as well as mobile application development. The AI influence especially in the form of voice assistants. And chatbots can be seen from the popularity of Alexa for Amazon and Siri for Apple. Google assistant is also increasingly popular for its ability to play music, set alarms. And turn off lights. Chats will play an important role in revolutionizing the way business approaches customer service and engagement.

Moreover, AI will be a powerful tool in achieving automation. For a lot of business activities. As well as This is not to say that robots are taking over and replacing the workforce. And It is a possibility that many businesses will take into account. And the role of individuals in more creative tasks instead of laborious work.

The Great Suspender extension reportedly contains malware

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Recently it was announced that Google Chrome will no longer have the suspender extension. Which allows users to recover tabs that have been closed accidentally. The reason why Google decided to block this extension is because of malware discovered.

The extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. And any of the links leading to it will now lead you to a 404 gateway.


The Great Suspender extension contains malware

Many are worried that the blocking of this extension will lead to them losing their tabs. But the internet is full of possibilities and Reddit users have discovered a way to recover tabs without the extension.

The Great Suspender  extension was a very popular extension from Google despite having malware. It allowed users to browse the internet smoothly and the automatic recovery to shut down tabs was for many a lifesaver. It allowed users to pick up where they left off and that was the ultimate productivity tool available to users on Google.

Google Chrome is known to take up too much of the computer’s memory. And this extension allows tabs to load faster which was a great facility for users, especially those of us that have lots of tabs running at the same time (guilty!). Chrome also has a warning for all those that were using the extension.

Here’s how you can get your tabs back now. It is tedious but it works. Go to the open tabs and click into the URL bar. You will see a lot of text. Go to the end of the page address and delete everything you see before the URL. Now press enter and you will find yourself exactly where you left off.

Another way to get your tabs back is to search Chrome’s history. This allows you to search for the extension’s ID, open tabs, and then remove the text that comes before the URL. We understand that this may not be the smoothest procedure. But it is a great way to recover tabs now in the absence of The Great Suspender extension.

Google’s developers have yet to comment on the absence of the extension and divulge their plans to come up with a new and improved version of it.