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Artificial Intelligence

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What is Artificial Intelligence: AI for beginners

To understand what AI is, we must go back to the 1950s when Minsky and McCarthy. The fathers of Artificial Intelligence first described it as any task performed by a machine or a program carried out in such away. That had a human performed the same task. It would have to be accomplished by using intelligence. The AI systems that we know of today exhibit similar behaviors. As human intelligence such as planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving and knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation, and although minimal, creativity.

AI today is used for a variety of things such as recommending what to search for next. Your favorite tunes to listen to on the drive back home or spotting what photo you might be in, and more. This is a great use of algorithms and data science in the field of detection and planning. But there are many different types of AI.

In general, there are two broad categories of AI: Narrow AI and General AI.

What is Narrow AI

Narrow AI is used in all the computers today. From computer systems that we grew up using, their intelligent systems whether they are taught or learned as well as those that are specially programmed to perform certain tasks. Different types of machine learning are used to identify speech and language recognition and suggest items for you to shop based on what is already in your cart. The Narrow AI systems are programmed to learn and perform only a specific number of tasks which can often be a ‘narrow’ list.

Within Narrow AI many emerging platforms are being used. A good example of it would be interpreting video feeds from drones and transferring visual inspection of infrastructure to responding to customer queries. Many intelligent suits can carry out monotonous tasks. Such as booking a hotel for you or giving weather updates and flagging or censoring inappropriate content online. Artificial Intelligence can be used to enrich your experience with everyday machines such as elevators, cell phones, and cars.

What is General Artificial Intelligence

With the help of general AI, you get to use an adaptable intellect that imitates human intelligence. Because it is flexible and can help carry out a variety of tasks. The range of tasks that can be carried out include, giving a haircut to creating spreadsheets, and filling them. The accumulated experience of AI is commonly seen in movies. And can expertly complete tasks with the kind of efficiency that only borders on reality.

Studies show that it will be decades before AI can be fully developed. AI is predicted to be the ‘super-intelligence‘ that greatly exceeds and recognizes cognitive performance. In all domains of virtual interest. Many AI experts believe that certain projections are wildly optimistic. And limited to our understanding whereas others are yet centuries away from being achieved.

What is Machine Learning?

Within the umbrella of AI, there is a broader field of AI Machine Learning which depends on large amounts of data to carry out specific tasks such as understanding and recognizing speech and or captioning photos. Machine learning is one of the most important concepts to study in the field of AI. Machine learning cannot be achieved with neural networks that inspire brain networks of interconnected layers and algorithms. This can feed data into each other and allows for a trained performance of tasks based on the input data that is passed between the layers. The network learns how tasks will be carried out going forward.

Machine learning enables deep learning with the expansion of neural networks which sprawl into a huge number of layers and train massive amounts of data. With the help of deep neural networks, it is made possible that the ability of computers to carry out tasks and speech recognition is improved.

Evolutionary Computation

Another key area within the field of AI is evolutionary computation. That draws on Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This approach allows AI design models to undergo a process of decision making as well as mimicking behavior. The use of evolutionary algorithms helps optimize neural networks. Also is known as neuroevolution which plays an important role in helping design efficient AI in the use of intelligent systems.

AI has made significant strides in the past few years. Namely in the field of machine learning and deep learning. This has been the biggest breakthrough which has fueled the easy availability of data. And expansion in parallel computing power. In the coming years, it may be possible to use GPU clusters to train machine learning systems. Many tech firms are using specialized chips to enable recent training or machine learning models.




Web Development

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Web Development. Our lives are governed by the technological changes happening around us. As well as The simplest of apps can make a huge difference. In how we lead our lives. And every day the world is completely changed by yet another technological invention. The most important role in this process is a web developer. If it wasn’t for a web developer. There would be no websites, no software, no worldwide web. 

But what exactly is web development? And what does a web developer do? 

To the world outside, the process of creating a website looks extremely complicated. And even though we use websites and mobile apps every day. We are quite unaware of the intricacies of web development and how it works. This fascinating discipline has taken the world by storm. As well as web development as of today is among the ten most highly paid jobs in the world. 

What is Web Development?

The process of building websites and applications on the internet is called development. Websites could be built for the internet. As well as accessible to everyone. Or they could be built for a private network, also called the intranet. Although the design of a website is quite important. The job of a web developer is much more focused as well as on the coding and programming of the website to ensure that it is functional. 

Almost all the tools we use on the internet today, be it e-commerce websites or static web pages, they have all been created by web developers. 

Web development is broken down into three layers. 

The first layer is known as the client-side coding also known as frontend development. Which has everything to do with what the user of the website experiences directly such as colors, fonts, and other visual elements. 

The second layer is called server-side coding. Also known as backend development which as the name suggests, has to do with what goes on behind the scenes such as storing and organizing data smoothly. 

The third layer is known as database technology which focuses on storing data in such a way that it can easily be retrieved. 

Web developers use their knowledge of all three layers to create a website’s look, feel, and functionality. They are responsible for making the website look visually appealing, informative, and user-friendly. 

Web developers are responsible for ensuring that the website looks visually appealing while remaining fully functional using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web developers are the architects, engineers, and builders behind websites. 

What is a Web Developer’s job?

A web developer is supposed to build and maintain websites. Web developers are often occupied with the task of identifying and fixing bugs that allow the website to be optimized regularly. The problem-solving skills of web developers are evident from how often they come up with solutions to workaround glitches to keep the websites working smoothly. 

Web developers do require proficiency in programming languages as different types of developers need different types of languages. 

Web developers also specialize in mobile app development for iOS or Android. This requires that they are fluent in Swift, the programming language created by Apple, and Java, the official programming language for Android. 

How To Hire A Great Web Developer?

It’s a fact that web developers do require proficiency in programming languages as different types of developers need different types of languages.

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